A downloadable game

YouTube is demanding I change the game to meet their requirements to keep using the YouTube API. So I've disabled downloads. 
The game will still technically work for those who have already downloaded, but at some point some of the functionality will be lost once YouTube inevitably cuts me off. It'll still be playable, you just won't get thumbnail images. 
Maybe one day I'll update to not use the YouTube API, but it's pretty unlikely. The source code is available on GitHub for anyone who wants though. 

TubeStar is a YouTube simulator where you manage channels to try and become aTubeStar!

Try become a viral sensation, earn enough from ad income to quit your job, or pollute the internet with videos so bad they have to be shared!

Over 500 000 downloads!

Playable in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Albanian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Georgian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai.

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AuthorMike Hall
Tagstime-management, youtube